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SIDE STREET is an indie folk/rock trio based in Needham, Massachusetts.  We're noted for original compositions and tight vocal harmonies as well as innovative cover song interpretations. 

The Side Street sound is a mixture of myriad influences each member brings to the stage and recording studio. Bob Littman (Mandolin/Violin/Vocals), Eric Luskin (Guitar/Mandolin/Bass/Vocals) and George Pultz (Guitar/Vocals) create a fun, vibrant, and dynamic combo. Our songs are about "life themes" as well as fun, whimsical and off kilter slices of humanity.  

Side Street has performed selectively in the greater Boston area and has been featured on 90.5 FM WICN on The Folk Revival with Nick Noble and on Spirit Words with Anne Sweeney (

In May 2017, Side Street released their debut CD called Subourbon Road. Produced by Doug Kwartler (The Lied To’s), it contains 11 diverse tracks recorded over a 16 month span. 

A second CD, "White Lined Paper", was just released on October 1, 2019 - again recorded with Kwartler at Hollow Body studios in Chelmsford, Massachusetts. 

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