White Lined Paper

Side Street

From one of the best Indie folk/rock bands in Folk, 10 originals with lyrical depth, tight harmonies and catchy melodies - songs about “life themes” and whimsical slices of life – that will appeal to fans of CS&N, Mumford, Dawes and Avett Brothers.

SIDE STREET is an indie folk/rock trio based in the Boston area. We take our song-writing craft seriously and we're noted for original compositions that include lyrical depth, tight harmonies, catchy melodies and serious chops. We are also known for some of our innovative cover song interpretations.

The Side Street sound is a mixture of myriad influences each member brings to the stage and recording studio. With roots in 1960’s and 70’s folk and rock, Side Street continues to listen and incorporate 21st Century influences that include Dave Mathews, Mumford & Sons, Dawes, OAR, the Decemberists and the Avett Brothers.

Bob Littman (Mandolin/Violin/Vocals), Eric Luskin (Guitar/Mandolin/Bass/Vocals) and George Pultz (Guitar/Vocals) create a fun, vibrant, and dynamic combo. Our songs are about "life themes" as well as fun, whimsical and off kilter slices of humanity.

Song Notes: Watching You Dream - A lullaby from the perspective of a mindful observer watching a loved one dreaming and wanting to join them in their dream.

Dance with You - With a beat reminiscent of a Mumford & Sons concert, and references to famous lovers Anthony & Cleopatra, Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall and West Side Story’s Tony and Maria, this song celebrates strong bonds between lovers even when dancing at distances many miles apart.

Have it All - A commentary on the times – “the best of times, the worst of times” (referencing the literary classic, A Tale of Two Cities) – with angels and demons active daily, that laments how we may be able to “have it all” but only at a cost of the loss of logic and respect, while what’s good for the goose may be lost on the gander.

Holy Hell - a bluegrass style dance song, with a back-porch, group-sing feel, that shines a spotlight on those who proselytize about their view of how others should live their lives, while holding onto those unbending views like a predator chewing on a bone.

Not When the Fire’s Raging - an emotion-laden blues song that confronts gun violence that seems to be sweeping the U.S. like a firestorm, and asks how do we start healing.

White Lined Paper - Addresses writers block, both as a song-writer and as the author of one’s own life, with references to Beatle influences.

Journey Home - Explores the dreamer’s slumber state (or is it waking state that only seems like a dream) with fantasies, apparent inconsistencies and lessons for life’s journey, and letting go of those things that hold us back.

Take a Number - A call for shaking and rocking the reggae; and a reminder that we may often feel like we need to take a number and wait for our turn – to gain attention, to get answers to our questions about injustice, to get off our daily treadmill – but we need to remember to listen to the thunder, get out from under and stop acting like a number.

Carry Your Boots - An easy cross-over country song that advises to carry your boots (in case you need them) but wear your shoes if you want to run from your blues.

Happy New Year Song - An upbeat, catchy tune from us to you, wishing everyone the best that a new year and new beginning may bring.

Recently we have received notable acclaim: “Side Street is truly one of the best bands Folk music has to offer. Their lyrical depth and musicality is tremendous. And seeing them is great date night!" -- John William Dexter, Award-Winning, Multi-Platinum Composer/Producer, Emmy award for Top Gun sound track https://www.johnwilliamdexter.com/

“A little jazzy, a little “Crosby, Stills & Nash”-y, the members of Side Street are serious musicians who are having a seriously good time making music. Their lyrics are smart, their melodies memorable. There’s a sense of humor that comes across, even while you are admiring some truly great chops. These guys are having a blast playing together, and it shows. Take a very pleasant detour down this Side Street, then order yourself a wee dram …!” -- Anne Williams Sweeney, host of Spiritwords.org and former DJ on WMGK

“Side Street is a unique and delightful musical blending of three multi-talented artists. I love their sound-- very much worth checking out”. --Nick Noble, host, THE FOLK REVIVAL on WICN (Worcester Public radio)

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