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"SideStreet is a unique and delightful musical blending of three multi-talented artists.  I love their sound. Very much worth checking out."  
--Nick Noble, host, THE FOLK REVIVAL (Worcester Public Radio)

"SideStreet is truly one of the best bands Folk music has to offer. Their lyrical depth and musicality is tremendous. And seeing them is a great date night!" 
--John Dexter, multi platinum songwriter/producer

“I listened to SideStreet and really loved it.  It reminded me of a cross between The Band and The Flying Burrito Brothers....”
-- Paul from Denver

"Listened to the new CD several times, as I couldn't stop listening. Good to hear violin, mandolin, (and) guitars play together in your musical style."
-- Arthur from Boston


 SIDE STREET is an indie adult-alternative, edgy folk rock band based in Needham, Massachusetts.  

Their debut CD, "Subourbon Road", was released in 2017. A second CD, "White Lined Paper", was birthed on October 1, 2019.  A third CD, "Between The Sidewalk And The Shadows", was released in June 2022.  All three were produced with Doug Kwartler at Hollow Body Studios in Chelmsford, MA.

SIDE STREET music is available on Spotify, Apple Music, I-Tunes, and other fine purveyors of streaming music such as Pandora, Google Play, Sync Tank and You Tube Music.   

SIDE STREET performs selectively in the greater Boston area and have been featured on MVY Radio and 90.5 FM WICN.