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In case you're wondering, the story is based on an imagined prequel to Jerry Garcia and Robert Hunter's The Cumberland Blues. Or that's what George claims!
The band had a blast recording Malinda. But the original was missing something... Finally, Eric decided that the "you make me roar" lyric called for a roaring saxophone solo. Enter Jersey's own Richard Reiter, who nailed the feel and got the party started. Ever since we locked down this mix, we've been itching to take Malinda on the road.
George Pultz: Acoustic guitar and lead vocals
Eric Luskin: Bass and electric guitar 
Bob Littman: Violin and mandolin 
Doug Kwartler: Drum kit, electric guitars, Rhodes keyboard, synth horns, backing vocals and other various noise 
Richard Reiter (appearing courtesy of City Pigeon Records): Tenor saxophone


Well dance Malinda, just swing that thing. You make me sing Malinda. Yeah dance Malinda. You swing that thing. That makes me sing Malinda.  When you take the room, I don’t see no one else. Like a smoldering diva to a miner’s son you look so hot.  Well dance, Malinda just swing that thing. Don’t need no ring Malinda. Coming down the road you sure mean business.  You’re so phat and gritty in the back of your truck you make me roar.  The way you move all night you do mean business.  But when you’re wearing your troubles in a flatbed load you still look hot.   Well dance, Malinda. Just swing that thing. You make me sing Malinda.