The concept for Living on the Outside of the Law came about one day when Steve and I were sitting around trying to write some songs together.  One song that both of us were really into was Bob Dylan's All Along the Watchtower, a classic whose covers (Jimi Hendrix and Dave Mason) may be more famous than the original.
Anyway, Steve and I were talking about the image in the last line of the song, "two riders were approaching and the wind began to howl."  We were like, what's up with these two guys; where are they going; what have they seen.  So we decided to tell the story of the two riders.  
From "the wind began to howl" we got to "desert, wind and lightning", and the rest of the song just seemed to flow from there.  
We finished the lyrics right there that day, with our 2 riders living outside of the fortress that the watchtower is protecting.  They are also outside of the laws that bind all of the folks living inside the heavy walls of the fortress.  Although those inside are kept them from danger and the unpredictable, they are confined by both the walls and laws of the fortress.  Our riders, while on the outside, must follow nature's laws, which are illustrated in part by the wildcat and stallion in the 3rd verse.