From the recording The Screen Door

This song was inspired by a simple sound.  There are artists who specialize in music known as "field recording" - sounds from the world, from nature, etc.  In this case, I had recorded the sound of a screen door on my i-phone when my wife and I were off in Vermont at an old inn.  And, like many things one can record on an I-phone, I forgot about it.  A few years later, I re-encountered this - there was an enigmatic quality about it.  Was it just a door closing, or a door forcefully being slammed?  Out of that, The Screen Door was born.
A quick word about the production. I recorded the vocal and guitar at home to a strange percussion track that I half liked and half hated.  I reluctantly brought the tracks to Hollow Body Studios where Bob recorded a fiddle part at the end of another session.  I was unsure this would work as a Side Street song, so we left it to marinate for a while. 
When we returned for our next session, Doug played this for us, having added a new drum track, dobro, kitchen percussion and bass.  George added some harmony vocals and - voila.  THAT is the value of a good producer (who also happens to be a damned fine musician).
George Pultz: Background vocals
Eric Luskin: Acoustic guitar and lead vocals
Bob Littman: Fiddle
Doug Kwartler: Drums, dobro and bass

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The Screen DoorEric LuskinAwking Songs, BMI
When the screen door slams I’ll be out that door for goodWhen the screen door slams I ain’t out back chopping woodIt’s been far too long since we’ve had peaceNo matter what I do you scream and it don’t ceaseWhen the screen door slams
When we built this home I said “babe It’s just for us”When we laid the stone we were new and full of trustThen the thunder came and the roof it leakedThe dog went lame had to put him down that weekWhen we built this home
With everything to live for things began to die And if the end is nearing we’re still the fools who tried
When I call on God and promise I will changeWhen I call on God belief seems mighty strangeIt’s been far too long since we’ve known peaceNo matter what we do we make a mess of thingsWhen I call on God
And if the end is nearing am I a fool to tryWhen the screen door slams I’ll be out that door for good