From the recording Subourban Road

Written by G.S. Pultz, Eric Luskin and R. Littman (pultzsongs, BMI)
Produced by SideStreet and Doug Kwartler


Wind and leaves blowing over me.
Wind and time coming through.
Sitting here I watch the colors drain.
All I see is wind and leaves.

Days are short but time is long.
The sun is dim and so am I...
Listening for you coming through that door.
But all I hear is wind and leaves.

Waiting here and I fantasize.
Touching you and I'm alive.
All I wanted darling is your love.
to lift me up - a painted scene anon...

When you're gone I fall down on my knees.
Hearing voices disagree.
On the floor I grasp at fading rays.
But all I got is wind and leaves.