From the recording Subourban Road

Written by R. Littman (smallguitar, BMI)
Produced by SideStreet and Doug Kwartler


Sun comes up, sun goes down, its just another day.
I haven't had time to think or the time to pray.
I work the phone, drive my car, try staying in the lane.
The days fly by so fast, is there anything to gain?

Is the Lord Almighty watching me?
Will he answer my call?
Does He know I still love Him? He hears nothing at all?

Out the door, race the clock, no time to say good-byes.
Shadows climbing over me, I often wonder why.
In the din of the day, hidden in the sounds...
I swear I hear the voice of G-d telling me to slow down.

No reason to hide, reach down inside. His spirit will always be there.
When I just let it go, everything flows.

Crack of dawn, dew in the field, the beginning of the day.
A chance for a fresh new start, is there any other way?