From the recording Drinking In Self Defense

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GS Pultz, pultzsongs, BMI c 2020

George Pultz:  Guitar and lead and backing vocals.
Bob Littman:    Mandolin, harmonica and backing vocals.
Eric Luskin:      Guitars, piano, bass and backing vocals.
Doug Kwartler: Slide guitar, drums, percussion and backing vocals.
Gizmo: Marginal heat and backing huffing.


Well I’m drinking in self-defense. . .

I'm drinking in self defense.
This is where I stand my ground.
There’s no sugar-coating necessary, just don’t judge me down
For drinking in self-defense.

With everybody choosing sides; “you’re with me or you aint,”
It’s hard to figure out just where to stand.
But nothing can get better by just passing on the blame.
So, I just try to do the best I can.


I used to think that no punch thrown at me could keep me down,
And I don’t need pain killers for the truth.
But the getting up gets harder every time I look around
At the same ol’, same ol’; what is there to do.


I don’t have a party line, but it’s OK with me;
Just as long as there’s no one gets hurt.
And I believe that a good turn deserves to have a chance.
But where do you turn that stops things getting worse